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Truck Air Horns Information

If you want to buy a truck air horn or are just gathering information about truck air horns, semi truck air horns or fire truck air horns, or a truck horn kit  there are a few things you should know or be aware of.

Truck air horns come in a wide variety today.  You can get a compact air horn, mounted, rechargeable air horn, funny air horn, musical air horn, a trumpet air horn, electric horns, a Dixie horn, train horn, locomotive horns, Harley air horn or loud motorcycle horn, power horn, sports horn, ship horns, marine horns and boat horns and they come in sounds that are loud, to those sounds that are extra loud and loudest air horn, airsplitting and those that play OOGA OOGA.

You can get some of the loudest horns ever made but make sure to obey thesound and noise laws of your state and the interstate laws. You want to check with your local state and city or town regulations to make sure you're not breaking the law every time you blow, blast or ecoblast your truck air horn. Truck air horns, whether for your car, truck, SUV, semi truck, or other vehicle are becoming more and more popular every year and you want to get the best truck air horn for your truck with decibels that are not breaking any laws.

Truck air horns are what are called electromagnetic klaxons but usually just acoustic. They use air from an air compressor, which semi trucks or diesel trucks have already to operate the air brakes. These truck air horns are often used as decoration by placing the chrome horns on rooftop mounts. Two or more truck air horns can also be installed on cars or custom automobiles just by using a small electrical air compressor. They can produce a variety of chords, but they are lower than those of automobile horns. The sounds are approximately 117-118 dba (decibels.)

Lately, some people are adding truck air horns and loud train horns that have a minor-seventh chord rather than the major chord, usually used in truck horns, to their trucks, cars or SUVs.  Using a train whistle in a car or truck could cause an accident.

You want to make sure also that you aren't giving a heart attack to any of the old folks around and that there are no kids or children in the near distance. So use your truck airhorn responsibly.

 Whether you're looking for truck air horns, train horns, semi truck air horns, emergency air horns for fire trucks, marine air horns or industrial air horns for emergency signaling you can easily find the right type of air horn for you with a little help from us.

 Safety should be the most important factor so if you want the incredibly loud or ecoblast truck air horns or the train horns or any other type of air horn make sure you use the horns in a safe way.

Whether you just want a truck air horn for your car, pickup, SUV or other truck or vehicle or you are a large fleet or a semi truck owner or operator you'll want different types of truck air horns. Truck air horns are also used for sporting events and you can get them remote controlled.  Air horns are used by high schools, colleges, universities and pro football and hockey teams. Truck Air Horn Questions 

Truck Air Horn Features

The best truck air horns are usually made with the best quality materials including chrome plated brass. Chrome metal air horns and plastic truck air horns are usually low cost and are imported. The sound quality is very different on the cheap low cost imported truck air horns. The best truck air horns are chrome plated or painted brass. The U.S. A. made truck airhorns are the best air horns and the choice of most car owners, SUV owners, pickup truck owners, heavy duty truck owners and fire truck buyers. These air horns can also be used on boats, however bronze air horns are usually a good choice for boats. You can't buy these truck air horns on Craigslist, eBay, Wal Mart or Target.  To save money or to buy cheap, you need to purchase from the manufatcurer, dealer or a specialty auto supply or online. I've never seen a review in Consumers Resarch. Make sure you read our ratings, reviews and compare prices and features.

Truck Air Horn Air Systems

If you're considering an air system there is a big difference in air systems. The cheap air systems don't use an air reservoir. This is supposed to give you an "instant on" air pump when you press the horn button. It's cheaper, installation is simpler and takes up less room to install.  But it has a very short and very low quality air horn sound because there isn't enough air. Not recommended.

There are all sorts of air systems that can be custom made with different size air reservoirs and different types of air compressors even air compressors that can handle locomotive air horns - U.S.A. made.   Those are the best air systems if you are interested in this type. Pro hockey and football teams and celebrities get some of these custom made and sometimes with the remote control systems

Truck Air Horns - Brands

Some of the truck air horn and air horn brands, models and manufacturers are: Stebel horn, Nautilus air horn, Dukes of Hazzard horn - ha ha, Harley air horn, Hella horn, Grover air horn, Hadley air horn, horn Fiamm, Bell air horn, Bandido air horn (plastic), Behemoth air horn and many Wolo truck air horn models 415, 415 -Mc, 417, 419, 430, Wolo 519, 809, 840, 846, 809, 853, Wolo Orient Express DD3, Wolo X-1015. See images, photos and pictures of truck air horn and kits at top and bottom.

Installation of Truck Air Horns

You want to make sure you install your truck air horns correctly. Make sure you have no air leaks. Air leaks annihilate compressors and will hurt the performance. Although air compressors are usually under warranty it won't cover damage you do if you burn up the compressor and it had air leaks.  That would be your fault not the air compressor. If you are using an oiled compressor it needs to be installed upright and make sure to check the oil often.

Spend some time figuring out where you want to mount your horns, compressor and the air tank. Make sure to keep the air solenoid as close as you can to the horns. Keeping the solenoid and truck air horns close together will help eliminate any delay in the sounding of the horns.

Truck Air Horn Laws

Truck air horn laws
According to U. S  government federal law, a truck air horn ranges about 80-90 decibels, whether the truck, semi truck or fire truck moving or stationary.

It's not commonly known but  the continual exposure to a noise of 90 decibels, or 90 dbA, can actually lead to deafness which happens more often than reported in the newspapers. Because of this the federal - United States government has set noise abatement standards for aircraft and airports, interstate motor carriers and railroads, workplace activities, motorcycles and mopeds, portable air compressors, federally assisted housing projects and medium and heavy-duty truck air horns including semi trucks and fire trucks. Under this U.S. government law, which was enacted in April of 2000, funding to such noise abatement projects was increased to $207 million annually.

The Environmental Protection Agency - Before 1983, the EPS controlled noise policy for trucks, truck air horns and air horns for other vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, etc. Since then the primary responsibility for noise control is now in the hands of various states and their cities. So now the current truck air horn laws are now usually legislated and enforced by each state, including California and the cities within, even though the former EPA regulations are recognized.

Your State and City Truck Air Horn Noise Laws

The U. S. government regulates air horn or siren of all interstate trucks and vehicles. State and local governments determine how many decibels (dbA) you can have on your truck airhorn. This can be quite different in different states and cities.

California has not established any noise standards, but have some models for local cities or towns to use to make their own laws.  You must abide by the interstate laws for your truck air horn if your truck or semi truck weighs more than 10,000 pounds and also abide by your state laws. Every city or town has truck air horn laws and these can be quite different from city to city and town to town. 

Truck Air Horn Decibels

All sound is measured by decibels or dbA. Levels of about 65 dbA are annoying to most everyone. The Noise Control Act of 1972 required the Envirnomnetal Protection Agency to establish noise control standards for all trucks and other motor carriers in interstate commerce. The Federal Highway Administration was to continually enforce these laws. All trucks and commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds are bound by two different types of standards, one for highway travel and one when remaining still or stationary. Horns or sirens operated while the truck or commercial vehicle is moving are limited to a range  of between 81-93 dbA or decibels. Those operated while the truck or commercial vehicle is stationary are limited to a range of about 83-91 dbA (decibels.) These standards are to apply under any type of circumstance – no matter wha t- including time, the road condition, vehicle load, acceleration or deceleration.

As I mentioned earlier, a rate of 90 decibelcan actually lead to deafness if an individual is constantly exposed to it. One must determin on their own what constant exposure is, but use common sense. A truck air horn, then, ranges approximately between 80-90 dbA or decibels, whether the truck is moving or not. If one is reading the Congressional Research Service Report on Noise Abatement and Control, as it was actually presented to Congress, 80 decibels is the sound level of the average city traffic situation, your kitchen garbage disposal  or your alarm clock ringing  a couple of feet away. However at just 90 decibels  it's the sound of subway traffic, truck traffic or your gas powered lawn mower.  Te result ising facts are that continual or constant exposure to these loud sounds can lead to permanent hearing loss. Yes it happens.

However a truck air horn is only used off and on obviously or just intermittently. And most of us have never been exposed or ever will be exposed to its loud sound  continually.

Sample Truck Air Horn - Product Description

Wolo 845 Road Warrior DD Roof Mount Truck Air Horn Kit

Horn dimensions: Dual Trumpet Dimensions: (Short Trumpet) 3.75'' Diameter x 11.5'' Long, (Long Trumpet) 4.1'' Diameter x 14.7'' Long. This horn includes mounting hardware needed to install. The solenoid will work on 12v or 24volt. Looks good! It is loud and ear piercing!! The non-rusting zinc trumpet will last for years to come. The VIAIR compressor kit includes: 275c compressor (part# ACV27520) The 275C features include a standard ¼ stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring so you have a simple installation. Also a remote Air Cleaner assembly. Fill rate for a 2.5 gallon air tank from 110 to 150psi is 1 minute-28 seconds. Compressor Dimensions: 6.5''L x 3.5''W x 4.5''H Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI Amp Draw: 18 Amps. INCLUDES: VIAIR 2.5 Gallon Air Tank(part# ACV91025) with 6 Ports(1/4"NPT) Tank Dimension: 23.5''L x 6''W x 7.5''H. INCLUDES: VIAIR Hook Up Kit(ACV20052) This truck air horn kit includes all the compression fitting, ties, clamps, 0.25" Air Line and tank port fitting you will need to complete your Horn Install. The kit also includes 110psi ON/150psi OFF Pressure Switch/Relay. Special Feature is the VIAIR 160psi gauge, gauge holder and ON/OFF Switch for the kit. Can use to fill tires in an emergency. Use it to supply suspension overload bags & of course use for Truck Air Horns. Includes a one year Viair Warranty against defects. Truck Air Horn

Truck Air Horn Kit


Beware if watching this truck air horn demo on YouTube video -- this truck air horn is LOUD! It can hurt your ears! Turn your speakers down! This is not me, not my car!


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